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I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the acquaintance of Lisa Guthrie on the social audio platform, Clubhouse. She is an amazing Orator, Educator, Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Guide. Lisa uses the platform to enlighten and to empower the thousands of listeners who find their way into her spaces. As the creator of “The Matrix Unveiled” she brings topics of interest, controversy and current events that challenge listeners to elevate their thinking and world view by introducing alternative perspectives.

I have nick-named Lisa “Pressure” because she is a Light that has overcome a great deal of adversity in a patriarchal society as well as on the platform and she challenges everyone she encounters to be an overcomer, a sovereign being and to show up as one’s authentic self. She has overcome a great deal of opposition and continues to rise. She uses her experiences to assist the collective in seeing the god within them and provides guidance to heal inner-child trauma, clear negativity from the light body and provides insight into raising one’s vibration in a world that seeks to promote fear and submission.

Lisa is a Way-shower and she speaks from personal experience, vetted research and from the numerous books she has read. She is highly intuitive as well as intelligent and is knowledgeable on a myriad of topics. What I love most about Lisa is her humility. Although she is wise beyond her years and can debate with the best of men, she is a continuous learner and is always open to receive as much as she gives. It is this type of being that is needed to heal a broken nation. Lisa would be an asset to any conference as a speaker, host, educator and moderator. She is an excellent Spiritual Healer and I highly recommend her to those who are experiencing “Ascension Symptoms,” waking up to 5-D and those who are in need of spiritual clarity and guidance.


Shawn P. Lang, Author
Reiki Master & Owner-Fifth Dimension
Transformation Mindset Coach

I have been on a journey for a while trying to unlock and connect with my ancestors and my higher self but not really sure how to. I watched loads of YouTube videos but was never comfortable with taking advice from people I could not sit down with one on one and feel their energy. Connecting with Lisa and using her services has been the best thing I did for my spiritual journey. Lisa has truly helped me unlock gifts in me I did not know I had, from divination to astral travel. I cannot thank Lisa enough for the one on one guidance and support she has given me over the last few months. Firstly she is a wealth of knowledge on all things spiritual. Having her mentorship and guidance has truly helped me on my spiritual journey. From coaching me on setting up an ancestral alter to candle magick and sigil magick. She has guided me with regards to tapping in with Kali Ma and Ganesh. One thing about her, she always shares caution on opening and closing and made sure I was safe throughout the process in terms of cleansing space etc. She gives you the support but you have to put in the work. Thank you Lisa truly appreciate all the work you doing nothing but gratitude upon gratitude to you. 


Working with Lisa has been an upleveling, phenomenal experience. Her guidance has allowed those she serves to realize their true potential, God spark, and authority. I have learned so very much from her, and my life is truly better because of knowing her. 


Have you ever met someone and felt you have known them over many lifetimes? Well that’s how my first consultation with Lisa went. She is just soooo amazing in many respects. Lisa is really one of the most intuitive women I know and the best at what she does.  A gifted healer and teacher whom I am grateful I connected with. Coming out of the pandemic,  I was at a point where my energy was so low daily and I had zero motivation….just spiritually drained. I think a lot of people can relate to what it is that I’m expressing. I had been on my spiritual journey alone for many years, as the travels are very personal. However, I am here to tell you that when you have the guidance of someone like Lisa the boundaries are limitless.  Just book the session! 


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