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Spiritual Consultations

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The Matrix Unveiled is an online community designed for spiritual and personal growth.  We are committed to assisting each individual in their spiritual journeys to becoming their highest and best selves.  

Lisa Guthrie has over 20 years of experience in various areas of spirituality which include shadow work, divination work, chakra healing, consciousness expansion and other healing modalities.  Additionally she has done extensive studies and research in the fields of alchemy and magical practices. 

Our principles are based upon the the needs of each individual client.  As we are all unique beings, each consultation session is geared towards tapping into the areas of the individual’s life that needs the most healing.  The goal is always to ensure that each person walks away with the information and tools they need to clear blockages that one may be experiencing in their lives to open up a new world of infinite possibilities, spiritual abundance and mental balance.