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Crystal Salt

You Are the Divine Matrix!

 A perfect infinite divine being.
You are the grand design of the Universe.
Learn how to access your true power
and awaken the divine spark within.
Welcome to the Matrix Unveiled Community. Our community is about spiritual expansion, awakening and peeling back the layers of this MATRIX we are in. Join our tribe and elevate your consciousness!
The goal of this community is to assist those on their spiritual awakening journey while also connecting you with other like-minded people. Find your tribe in our Community section. Get access to hundreds of books, upcoming events and much more.
Please check out our Consultation area to schedule a one on one private session with me. These sessions will provide you with insight that will benefit you on your spiritual journey, inner wisdom, manifestation techniques, teach you how to do shadow work and much more. Each session is highly individualized to the specific needs of each client.
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"Have you ever met someone and felt you have known them over many lifetimes? Well that’s how my first consultation with Lisa went. She is just soooo amazing in many respects. Lisa is really one of the most intuitive women I know and the best at what she does.  A gifted healer and teacher whom I am grateful I connected with. Coming out of the pandemic,  I was at a point where my energy was so low daily and I had zero motivation… just spiritually drained. I think a lot of people can relate to what it is that I’m expressing. I had been on my spiritual journey alone for many years, as the travels are very personal. However, I am here to tell you that when you have the guidance of someone like Lisa the boundaries are limitless.  Just book the session!" 


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